Outstanding Display Solutions for Harsh Environment HMI

Environmentally and functionally rugged display and panel computer solutions built for demanding human-machine interface applications.

Rugged displays and computers for industries such as oil & gas, military & defense, marine, and hazardous areas that require Class and Division rated electronics.

Industry Solutions:

Hazardous Area HMI

VarTech manufacturers two types of Class I Division 2 certified monitors and panel computers. Our ToughStation series of CID2 display products have a gasket-sealed stainless steel enclosure, while the DiamondVue series CID2 panel mount version features a stainless steel gasket-sealed front bezel. Both certified units are non-incendive.

We also manufacturer Division 1 purge protected monitors and panel computer workstations with explosion-proof enclosures.

Oil and Gas

The process of exploration, extraction, and refining of petroleum can produce volatile atmospheres and hazardous area locations. VarTech manufacturers several industrial monitor and panel computers engineered for safe operation in these hazardous environments.

VarTech rugged displays and computer products have been engineered to operate and withstand the stresses of everyday use in all major oil and gas sectors.

Military and Defense

Military and defense environments can produce conditions that prove stressful on electronics. VarTech COTS military-grade monitors and panel computers are engineered to perform in many environments associated with the military and defense industry.

High shock and vibration, extreme heat, high altitudes, and direct sunlight applications are some of the MIL-Spec compliance’s our products can be built to meet.

Marine Environment

Marine environments produce many conditions unsuitable for display and computer products. High vibration, direct sunlight, and high moisture are normal operational conditions on oil & gas tankers, cargo ships, recreational vessels, and cruise ships.

We manufacture LCD monitors and displays that are designed to operate in harsh and wet conditions.

Technology Solutions:

LCD Optical Bonding VBOND

Optical bonding is a method used to enhance the quality and physical strength of an LCD display.

Touchscreen Technologies

Many HMI applications require industrial grade touchscreen technologies that stand up to continuous use.

High Bright Sunlight Readable

High bright sunlight readable monitors and touchscreen displays give crystal clear images in direct sunlight and outdoor applications.

Custom HMI Solutions

From simple modifications of existing products to complete new designs, we will entertain any request.