DV4 Rugged Monitors & Display Solutions

VarTech’s DiamondVue 4 series of rugged LCD display products feature industrial grade video monitors and panel computers with a adaptive design, new mounting styles, and expanded screen sizes. DV4’s adaptive design allows for the same mechanical footprint between video monitors and panel computers, expanding versatility throughout industrial, commercial, and military applications.

Rugged Monitors and Panel Display Products

Video Monitors and LCD Display Products built with Industrial Grade Components

VarTech’s DiamondVue Series of rugged monitors and panel display products are built for industrial HMI functions and visualizations in harsh environments. Screen sizes are available from 6.5″ to 43″, with versatile mounting configurations including panel, rack, console, VESA/wallmount, and chassis mount.

VarTech’s rugged monitors and display products are available with NEMA and IP protection, stainless steel or aluminum bezels, and a PCAP, resistive or capacitive touchscreens.

Rugged Monitors and Panel PCs

High Bright Monitors and Panel Display Products

Rugged Console Mount Monitors

Our sunlight readable high bright video monitors and LCD panel display products are designed for high bright and direct sunlight applications. VarTech’s high bright screens use several different enhancements for increasing brightness and reducing light reflection, thus outperforming other high bright screens in the rugged display and panel computer industry. 

Brightness levels ranging from 1000 nits to 1500 nits, and a variety of rugged mechanical designs make our high bright sunlight readable monitors and panel display products a superior sunlight readable solution.

Rugged Monitors and Panel Display Products with Flexible Designs and Mounting Solutions

VarTech’s manufacturers several rugged display product families. These product families offer “industry standard” flexible mounting configurations and robust mechanical designs.

Our experienced team of engineers can design mechanical specifications according to your application requirements. From custom bezel sizes and mounting stud patterns, to powder-coat colors/finishes and special gasketing. We provide complete solutions for all your rugged monitor and panel display product needs.

VarTech’s 41,000 sqft. Metal Fabrication, Manufacturing and Production Facility in Clemmons, NC

Rugged Monitors and Panel PCs built for Industrial HMI Applications for use in the Harshest Environments on Earth