Sunlight Readable LCD

High Bright Sunlight Readable LCD Displays.

VarTech’s high bright sunlight readable LCD monitors and touchscreen displays give users crystal clear images and video in direct sunlight and outdoor applications.

Our high bright sunlight readable LCD monitors and touchscreen displays have brightness levels ranging from 1000 nits to 1600 nits. These brightness levels far exceed consumer-grade monitors which typically produce 150 to 350 nits brightness. VarTech’s high bright sunlight readable LCD technology ensures crisp, highly viewable videos and images in direct sunlight and high ambient light work environments.

High bright sunlight readable screens are available on our DiamondVue, All-Weather and ToughStation series of computers and monitors, as well as our ToughStation kiosks and hazardous area kiosks.

Sunlight Readable LCD - High Bright vs Non-High Bright
Non-Sunlight Readable vs. High Bright Sunlight Readable

How Our Sunlight Readable LCD Technology Works:

VarTech’s high bright sunlight readable displays use industrial-grade enhanced LED backlights to increase luminance without increasing heat. Proprietary Enhanced Light Transmission Technology (ELTT) gives our screens exceptional clarity, wide viewing angles, and maximum light reflection. Optical bonding reduces light reflection and increases ruggedness by providing a solid transparent bond between the thin-film-transfer (TFT) LCD screen and the front face of the monitor or touchscreen display.

These light enhancements along with VarTech’s quality construction and rugged mechanical design make our industrial grade high bright sunlight readable display products a superior high bright solution for applications that require clarity, intensity, brilliance, and reliable performance from your monitor or computer.

Sunlight Readable LCD Brightness and Application Examples:

Lighting ConditionAmbient LightingSuggested Display BrightnessApplication Examples
Indoor without LightingLess than 500 nits~ 200 nitsLCD in a Dark Room
Indoor with LightingLess than 1000 nitsup to 300 nitsLab Equipment or Security System
Bright Indoor Lighting or Overcast Sky1000 – 3000 nits300 – 500 nitsPOS, Kiosk or Industrial LCD
Overcast Sky or Indirect Sunlight3000 – 7000 nits500 – 900 nitsLCD in Public Areas or Parking Lots
Full Sunlight7000 – 10,000 nits900 – 1600 nitsOutdoor Applications

What are some applications that can benefit from optical bonding?

Military and Defense


Anti glare, easily visible and designed for use in mission-critical battlefield electronics in ground mobile, avionics, and naval applications.

Marine IP67 Protection


Clearer visibility in extremely bright conditions make sunlight readable LCD screens a perfect solution for any marine application.

Hazardous Area HMI


Readability and image clarity in high ambient light conditions are perfect applications for sunlight readable screens in the oil and gas industry.

Sunlight Readable


Anti glare and clear visibility for images and text, make optical bonding a necessity for outdoor displays, kiosks and HMI.

Rail and Rolling Stock


Clarity in high ambient or direct sunlight conditions make sunlight readable screens perfect for any rail or transportation application.

What is a nit?

Imagine you have a candle inside a cube with a total surface area measuring one meter by one meter. The total amount of light coming out of that candle at its source is about “one candela.”

All the light hitting the walls of the cube equals “one nit,” which is technically defined as “one candela per square meter.” Each candle you add to the cube will add another candela of luminosity, or another nit, since the square meter now has more light in it. So, 400 candles would equal 400 nit.

  • Candela = about the light from 1 candle
  • Nit = the light from 1 candle per square meter
  • More nits = more candles per square meter = brighter display
Sunlight Readable
NIT and Candela (cd/m²) measure how bright a light source is.
1 NIT = 1 cd/m²

Size and Model Availability Chart:

SizeBrightnessResolutionAspect RatioDiamondVueAll-WeatherToughStationKioskHazardous KiosksC1D2 Certified
6.5″1300 nitsVGA 640 × 4804:3     
8.4″900 nitsXGA 1024 × 7684:3    
10.4″1300 nitsXGA 1024 × 7684:3  
12.1″1200 nitsXGA 1024 × 7684:3   
12.1″ Wide1500 nitsWXGA 1280 × 80016:10   
15″1500 nitsXGA 1024 × 7684:3
15.6″ Wide1500 nitsFHD 1920 × 108016:9   
17″1000 nitsSXGA 1280 × 10245:4
17.3″ Wide1000 nitsFHD 1920 × 108016:9     
19″1600 nitsSXGA 1280 × 10245:4
21..5″ Wide1500 nitsFHD 1920 × 108016:9 
24″ Wide1500 nitsFHD 1920 × 108016:9    
27″ Wide1000 nitsFHD 1920 × 108016:9     
32″ Wide1500 nitsFHD 1920 × 108016:9    
43″ Wide1500 nitsFHD 1920 × 108016:9    

High Bright Sunlight Readable LCD Screens are Available on the following VarTech Product Families

DiamondVue Industrial Grade Displays


  • Industrial grade computers and monitors
  • Screen sizes 6.5” to 43”
  • NEMA 4/4X (IP65/66) protection
All-Weather Fully Sealed with IP67 Protection


  • Fully sealed computers and monitors
  • Screen sizes 8.4” to 21.5”
  • IP67 protection
ToughStation Fully Sealed with NEMA 4 Protection


  • Fully sealed computers and monitors
  • Screen sizes 8.4” to 43”
  • NEMA 4/4X (IP65/66) protection
Workstation Computers


  • Fully sealed industrial grade kiosks
  • 3 enclosure designs
  • Screen sizes 15″ to 21.5″
  • Available as purge protected hazardous units