Custom Solutions and Product Development Control

VarTech Systems brings all levels of production under one umbrella. From design, research and engineering to metal fabrication, assembly and testing; VarTech can achieve unprecedented quality control to the product development process and can proudly carry the “Made In America” label.

With this level of product development control, VarTech Systems can provide an ability to highly customize LCD monitors and computers making them the ideal solution for any project including configurable I/O ports, enclosure types, power, chassis modification, unique bezel colors and critical modifications such as complex mechanical customization’s to the chassis, user controls positioned in a different way or perhaps your video format is non-VESA standard. From simple modifications of existing products to complete new designs, we will entertain any request.

Customized LCD Process

  1. Outline – VarTech consults with your team to determine the needs and specifications of your project. Specifications are summarized and presented to your team before proceeding to the design phase. Details are adjusted as needed.
  2. Design – Customers are presented with many options illustrated through diagrams and mechanical drawings in order to offer the most cost-efficient industrial display solution.
  3. Prototype – A Prototype is constructed for the costumers inspection of the units satisfaction of project guidelines.
  4. Testing – Prototypes are rigorously tested to ensure full operational standards and project compliance.
  5. Manufacture – VarTech manufactures the units adhering to strict quality control guidelines and manufacturing principles.
  6. Improvement – VarTech constantly strives to boost productivity while decreasing cost offering its customers the best in industrial displays and computers at a competitive price.
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