VTDV4D – Hinged Protective Door for DiamondVue Computers and Monitors.


  • Left hinged door is standard, right hinged and portrait orientation are available.
  • Magnetic latch/catch
  • Standard clear polycarbonate window
  • Captive spring loaded thumb screws to secure door in closed position
  • Secondary gasket to maintain installed enclosure’s seal
  • Optional screen coatings: Anti-glare, anti-reflective and combination AG/AR

Improved Security with VarTech’s hinged protective door with clear polycarbonate window and a magnetic latch for DiamondVue panel-mounted computers and monitors.

VarTech’s optional door is designed to add extra security and protection to our DiamondVue panel-mounted computers and monitors. Standard in powder-coated aluminum, the hinged door closes securely with a magnetic latch and securing thumb screws for additional security. The clear polycarbonate window is approximately 250 times the impact resistance of standard glass and offers much more resilience than acrylic, making it ideal for highly demanding industrial applications.

Available for all sizes of DiamondVue computers and monitors, 6.5” to 43”.

Black Powder Coat SwatchStainless Steel Swatch

Door standard in black powder coated aluminum or stainless steel. Custom colored powder coating available.


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Mechanical Drawings:

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