Industrial Pedestal Mounts for Stable Display Mounting

VarTech’s stainless-steel industrial pedestal mounts provide a rugged, solid, and secure mounting solution for our industrial-grade monitor and computer solutions. 

Available in vertical-only or tilt-mount options, these stainless-steel pedestal mounts can support up to 500 pounds without bending or reaching their tipping point. Our most common vertical-only mounts are available in 39″ and 51″ heights. Our most common tilt-mount pedestals measure 57”. Custom heights are available to meet customers’ requirements. 


Options such as keyboard trays, scanner trays, adjustable tilt brackets, and sealed stainless steel grommets make our pedestal mounts the most efficient solution on the market; our team can design custom mounting styles and mechanical specifications according to your requirements.

Features that can be customized include bezel sizes, mounting stud patterns, powder-coated finishes, and seals. 

Our modular concept offers multiple mounting configurations and styles, allowing for a more flexible mounting solution for your application. The pedestal mount uses a standard VESA or RAM pattern; certain mounting styles are incompatible with particular models and sizes. Our team will help you find the best option for your industrial pedestal mount needs. 

Standard Features

  • 316 stainless steel construction. 
  • 39″ and 51.0″ standard heights (custom heights available). 
  • Available surface finishes no-grain finish, polished finish, black powder-coat finish, custom powder-coat/paint finishes. 
  • Hollow center for wiring. 
  • Compatible with most VarTech industrial workstation computers and fully enclosed LCD computers or displays. 
  • Simple, smooth design for easy cleaning. 
  • The pedestal’s post base plate mounts securely to your plant floor to ensure sturdiness and stability. 
  • Rigid (no-tilt) or adjustable tilt-mount pedestal designs. 
  • Available with fully sealed connection management portal within pedestal base, integrated with IP68 connectors. 
  • Available with keyboard mounting tray or reader/scanner mount. 

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Industrial Pedestal Mounts

The ## are placeholders for unique pedestal heights and accessories, which are customized according to the needs of the application.

Standard Pedestal

Variable height standard mount pedestal.

Fixed (90° ) VESA Head Pedestal

Variable height pedestal with VESA head mount pedestal.

Tilting Head Pedestal

Variable height tilting pedestal with head mount.