Free Evaluation on all RMAs

To facilitate our ability to service industrial monitors needing evaluation or repair, please read the following instructions and fill in the appropriate information.

At VarTech Systems, Inc., our engineers and technicians service industrial monitors, computers, and HMIs that need evaluation or repairs. We offer a free evaluation service on all units, regardless of manufacturer.   

When is an RMA needed? 

An RMA can be a helpful solution for any of the following situations:  

  • Your unit’s touchscreen needs to be calibrated or repaired.  
  • Your unit powers on, but the screen is blank.  
  • Your unit’s mechanical footprint or model is no longer supported, and you need a drop-in replacement. 
  • Your unit will not power on.  
  • You need to upgrade your existing HMI solution’s operating system (OS). 
  • You need to retrofit the unit with new internal specifications, including but not limited to the RAM, memory, motherboard, CPU, or video controller board. 
  • You need to transition your touch technology from PCAP to Resistive or vice versa. 
  • You need to switch the style of connectors, such as changing from LEMO to D38999. 
  • You have been unable to determine why the unit is malfunctioning, and the unit is crucial to your operation with no replacement options from its manufacturer. 
  • You need to replace or upgrade any of your unit’s internal components. 

How does the RMA process work?  

  1. Fill out the form on this page or contact an existing connection at VarTech Systems to describe your RMA request. Expect a response by the end of the following business day.  
  1. Work with the VarTech staff to fill out any additional information needed for the form. Then, sign and return the form to VarTech.   
  1. After the RMA request form is signed and returned, follow the directions on the form to *ship the unit to our manufacturing facility in North Carolina.  
  1. Upon arrival at our facility, your unit will be queued for evaluation.    
  1. After completing the evaluation, we will contact you to present its findings. The most common options are repair, retrofit, replacement, or the surrendering of equipment.   
  1. Upon completing the service chosen from the options presented, we will *ship the unit back to you. If the unit cannot be repaired, we will *ship it back to you, or you can surrender the equipment to us, after which we will dispose of it safely and according to regulations.  

*The customer will cover shipping costs unless the unit is under warranty from VarTech Systems, Inc. 

Are you ready to get started with the RMA process? 

Please fill out the form below or contact an existing contact at VarTech Systems, Inc, if applicable. 

RMA Request

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