Comprehensive Industrial LCD Monitor Repair Service Options

We can completely refurbish your industrial-grade LCD displays.

Industrial LCD monitor repair with a one-to-three-day turnaround time.

VarTech Systems, Inc.’s engineers and technicians service digital boards, power supplies, and touch systems. PCB (Printed Circuit Board) repairs include extensive testing of all internal functions. To ensure product integrity, all boards are 100% system tested.

Free Evaluation

If we cannot fix the monitor, or should you elect not to proceed with the repair process, there is no charge for the initial bench time. VarTech is committed to providing the industry with the highest level of industrial monitor repair service.

Basic Industrial LCD Monitor Repair:

  • We will evaluate, repair, or replace all faulty or non-operational components (excluding LCD), all “High-Failure-Rate” components. 
  • We will thoroughly clean the entire monitor. 
  • We will complete 24-hour system testing. 
  • We offer a one-year warranty on workmanship.

Factory Monitor Re-manufacturing Program:

  • We replace faulty, dim, and/or screen-burnt LCDs with a new display, replace all faulty or non-operational components, all “High-Failure-Rate” components, Integrated Flyback Transformer (IFT) as needed, faulty or weak electrolytic capacitors, and other ICS as needed. 
  • We thoroughly clean the entire monitor. 
  • We repaint the exterior casing, bezel, and front control panel as needed. 
  • We adjust convergence and color balance and revert all internal system controls to the original manufacturer’s specification. 
  • We complete 24-hour system testing. 
  • We offer a one-year warranty on the entire monitor. 

Factory Service Program (FSP):

  • We will replace a faulty, dim, and/or screen-burnt LCD with a new flat panel. 
  • We evaluate all “High-Failure-Rate” components. 
  • We thoroughly clean the entire monitor. 
  • We complete 24-hour system testing. 
  • We offer a one-year warranty on our workmanship. 


Phone support is offered to all new and existing VarTech customers. Please have all relevant product or model numbers available. Phone lines are staffed during regular business hours. Please leave a message if it is after hours, and a sales or support specialist will contact you the following business day. 

Contact VarTech’s LCD Monitor Repair Specialists

Dylan, our repair technician.

Retrofit Program

We can retrofit your unit with new components if we cannot repair your industrial monitor or offer you a direct replacement. This is done by removing old electronics and the LCD from the monitor chassis and “retrofitting” a new monitor and electronics into the existing frame. Keeping the old frame and chassis allows you to retain any unique mechanical mounting configurations.

Replacement Program

Replace your industrial monitor with a new Vartech solution through our Replacement Program.