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The Flexibility of VarTech’s ToughStation3 Units: Use Cases

At VarTech Systems, we serve dozens of industries where workers and machines face an expanse of operating conditions. We have helped numerous companies find a custom solution for their HMI needs when the competition either could not or would not do so.  

Our ToughStation3 series of fully-sealed monitors, computers, and HMI workstations provide effective solutions throughout rugged applications, as described with examples below. 

A Custom HMI Solution for a Drilling Platform 

A Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) industry innovator needed a computer and accompanying LCD display to withstand the rigors of oil, gas, and water-drilling platform environments. The customer’s requirements included that the unit could communicate with the platform’s drilling software, withstand 24/7 outdoor conditions, and be transported in and out of the platform’s control cabin.  

After consulting the customer’s engineers, VarTech’s team developed a solution with a purge-protected ToughStation3 unit. The fully-enclosed, gasket-sealed computer was equipped with rear-exit sealed connectors, which included an interface for receiving data from the drilling platform’s console.  

In addition, our optically bonded sunlight-readable LCD panel facilitated all-day viewing in direct sunlight. A light-reflective powder-coat finish was applied to enable the unit to withstand heat effectively.  

A Custom HMI Solution for a Food Processing Plant 

A coastal seafood processing plant required a fully-sealed computer for data entry. The unit would have to be exposed to heavy washdowns and chemical cleaning; in addition, it needed to attach to existing mounting arms.  

After contacting VarTech, our ToughStation3 was chosen for its 316 stainless steel, gasket-sealed construction. Our unit easily connected to their existing mounting hardware with IP68-rated rear exit connectors and a slim design with no rear heat sink. 

When you need a highly customized HMI, contact VarTech Systems, and our team will coordinate a solution to meet your company’s needs.