Optical Bonding

VBOND Optical Bonding and Dynamic LCD Enhancements for Displays.

Vartech’s VBOND Optical Bonding process reduces refraction and glare, prevents condensation, and increases the accuracy and durability of the LCD screen.

Optical bonding is the process of filling the air gap between the LCD and glass with an adhesive or resin, such as silicone. Once cured, the silicone adds multiple benefits to the bonded display such as light refraction (from both LCD back-light and outside light), durability against vibration, water, and dust resistant, improved touchscreen accuracy, and prevents fog and condensation in humid environments.

When LCD displays are manufactured, including touchscreens, the front glass of the screen is layered onto the LCD module. This doesn’t present a problem in standard viewing environments, however in certain conditions, like with outdoor placement, the tiny gap between the 2 layers can impair viewing performance.

Reflection with VBOND and AR Coating
Greatly improved reflection loss experienced when
an optical bond is applied to the LCD screen.

Optical Bonding is available on our DiamondVue, All-Weather and ToughStation series of computers and monitors, as well as our ToughStation kiosks and hazardous area kiosks.

Why do I need optical bonding?


The light passes through the bonded layers and is absorbed somewhat into the screen, therefore important in making screens sunlight readable.


Additional resin layer in optical bonding absorbs shock and provides high durability for use in public access areas, factories, or other harsh environments.


Condensation can cause screens to become foggy from moisture that penetrates the air gap. Filling of the gap prevents this problem from arising.


Helps maintain a more accurate touch response because the pressure is maintained through the substrate, rather than being delayed by a gap.

What are some applications that can benefit from optical bonding?

Military and Defense


Shock and vibration resistive, extreme durability and accurate touch sensitivity are very important in mission critical military applications.

Marine IP67 Protection


Moisture and dust, as well as shock and vibration protection makes optical bonding a perfect solution for any marine application.

Hazardous Area HMI


High touch accuracy and increased durability, along with dust and moisture protection are perfect for applications in the oil and gas industry.


Low refraction and glare and protection against dust and condensation, make optical bonding a necessity for outdoor displays and HMI.

Rail and Rolling Stock


Shock and vibration resistance, increased visibility and durability are perfect for any rail or transportation application.

What are the types of bonding materials?


Silicone’s core properties of low conductivity and chemical reactivity, thermal stability, and ability to repel water and form watertight seals make it a common solution for optical bonding. It can form debris particles around the edges if damaged. To reduce this the edges are sealed and not exposed.


Epoxy makes a much more rigid bond than silicone, but does not have the tendency to form particulate debris. It is not reworkable in the event any problems arise during production or use.


Polyurethane adhesives possess good environmental integrity for use in high altitudes and may be superior at low temperatures. It does exhibit a yellowing over time when exposed to high solar lighting conditions.

Bonding Benefits:

Glare Reduction: The increased light transmission of a screen with optical bonding significantly reduces glare from external light sources.

Increased Physical Durability: The additional resin layer in optical bonding also provides increased physical durability to the screen.

Accurate Touch Experience: For touch monitors, the panel thickness influences touch accuracy and can affect usability with both touch pens and bare hands. A touch monitor with optical bonding maintains consistently accurate touch response making it easy to use and reliable.

Optical Bonding (VBOND) Solutions are Available on the following VarTech Product Families

DiamondVue Industrial Grade Displays


  • Industrial grade computers and monitors
  • Screen sizes 6.5” to 43”
  • NEMA 4/4X (IP65/66) protection
All-Weather Fully Sealed with IP67 Protection


  • Fully sealed computers and monitors
  • Screen sizes 8.4” to 21.5”
  • IP67 protection
ToughStation Fully Sealed with NEMA 4 Protection


  • Fully sealed computers and monitors
  • Screen sizes 8.4” to 43”
  • NEMA 4/4X (IP65/66) protection
Workstation Computers


  • Fully sealed industrial grade kiosks
  • 3 enclosure designs
  • Screen sizes 15″ to 21.5″
  • Available as purge protected hazardous units