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How do Industrial Power Supplies Work? Find Answers Here

Built with rugged industrial and military-grade power supplies, VarTech Systems, Inc.’s computers, monitors, and HMIs can operate around the clock in harsh environments.  

Unlike commercial-grade external power bricks and field-serviceable fuses, internal power supplies are standard features in applicable computers and monitors we manufacture.  

We offer many power input solutions to suit your company’s needs, whether you require a specific voltage or a particular means to connect to your existing power systems.  

How does an automatic power supply work? 

Automatic power supply features are used on our PowerCube series of small form factor computers and can be integrated with additional product lines of ours. They require an intelligent automotive power supply that enables the system to power up upon ignition and power down when turned off.   

This setup works seamlessly and requires no extra assistance from the machine operator or driver except to turn it on or off.  

What happens when the input voltage is interrupted? 

Voltage interruptions or surges, the latter of which are also known as transients, can interfere with vital computer or monitor components used in plants and refineries. Our LCD monitors and computers are configured to prevent malfunctions in the case of input voltage anomalies.  

Our units and products are equipped with 18-75 VDC (volts of direct current) power supplies, which regulate the display’s input voltage, keeping them within operational parameters.  

What is EMI Suppression? 

EMI, or electromagnetic interference, is undesirable interference affecting an electrical path or circuit; it can cause electronics to malfunction or even cease to function.  

If the application requires it, electromagnetic interference filters are installed by our engineers between the unit’s power connector and the internal power supply. EMI filters suppress the interference and emissions generated by other equipment.  

Can VarTech offer a customized power solution? 

Yes. We want to offer you an example: we had a customer who sought to run a power plant simulation. They required a series of rack-mounted displays to be daisy-chained together. For our units to function within the customer’s existing infrastructure, our engineers determined that they needed 400 Hz power supplies to provide continuous stabilized voltage and frequency accuracy.  

This customized solution allowed the buyer to operate their power plant simulation successfully. 

Visit our Custom Solutions page to learn more about how VarTech can meet your company’s needs.