Purge Protection for Harsh Environment HMI

What is purge protection?

VarTech offers purge protection in our ToughStation and workstation product lines. Purged protected units allow for general purpose equipment (single board computers and other electronic components) to be used in a hazardous area as long as these parts are placed inside of the purged enclosure.

What types of purge protected systems does VarTech use?

VarTech uses (2) main types of purge systems, Type X and Type Z. Type X systems are used in Class I or II, Division 1 to non-hazardous areas. Type Z systems are used in Class I, Division 2 to non-hazardous areas. The type of system used is dictated by the specific environment the unit will be located.

What are some applications in which purge protected systems would be used?

There are several different applications in which a purged system would be required, one of the most dangerous would be chemical plants along with oil/gas refineries. Purged systems are also needed in mills where there are large amounts of fine, flammable fibers in the air that could ignite. Facilities that produce cosmetics (lipstick, eye shadow, blush, etc…) are also areas where these systems would be required due to the environment that is created during the production of these types of products.