Panel mount displays and monitors available with 6.5” to 43” LCD touchscreens

A panel mount display has a front bezel designed to fit flush on a surface such as a door, a wall, or an equipment panel.

The rear enclosure of the panel mount display is inserted into a cutout hole made in the mounting surface which allows the front bezel of the display to fit flush. The display can then be secured to the surface with mounting studs and locking nuts or with passthrough holes using socket head cap screws with locking nuts. A panel mount display can also be secured to a surface using mounting clips. For detailed information about display mounting styles please visit the panel mounting styles page.

Gaskets are used on the bezel’s mounting surface to provide moisture and dust resistance to the display’s electrical components located in the rear enclosure.

Panel mount bezels can be constructed from corrosion resistance milled aluminum or 316-stainless steel. Powder-coatings or finishes provide additional protection to the bezel and rear enclosure when the display is being used in harsh environments.

Depending on the application and work environment, several rugged touchscreen technologies are available. Please visit the touchscreen technologies page.

VarTech offers panel mount monitors and panel computers in our DiamondVue, All-Weather, ToughStation, and hazardous area CID2 certified models.

panel mount display
DiamondVue panel mount (w/ studs) display

Panel mount styles from VarTech:

DV4 Panel Mount with Studs
Panel mount with studs
DV4 Panel Mount with Clips
Panel mount with clips
All-Weather Panel Mount
Panel mount with threaded rods or socket head cap screws

Panel mount available in the following product families:


DiamondVue Panel Mount Widescreen
DiamondVue rugged displays and computers. 6.5″ – 43″ screen sizes.


All-Weather Panel Mount
All-Weather IP67 protected displays and computers. 8.4″ – 21.5″ screen sizes.


ToughStation Stainless Steel
ToughStation fully sealed displays and computers. 10.4″ – 43″ screen sizes.

CID2 Hazardous Area

DiamondVue Panel Mount Widescreen
CID2 certified displays and computers. 10.4″ – 24″ screen sizes.