Optical Imaging Touchscreens

Optical Imaging Touchscreens is a touchscreen revolution!

Optical imaging touchscreen technology revolutionizes the way we interface with computer technology. Unlike many touch screen displays, the entire screen, corners included, is sensitive to the touch.

This technology uses optical components. No surface coatings are used on the screens – hence images are kept crystal clear. Any method can be used to touch the screen: a finger, a gloved hand or any pointer. Only a light touch is required. Optical imaging technology provides touch sensitivity over the whole screen, including the corners. With over 400,000 touch points, accuracy is guaranteed. Optical imaging technology touchscreens are calibrated just once at commissioning time. The technology provides continuous operation with no drift, no need to recalibrate. Because optical imaging technology solutions don’t employ surface coatings, the customer-facing screen is not affected by scratches or contamination. Also, the products can be easily sealed for resistance to dirt, dust and moisture, making them ideal for demanding public environments. The modular touch screen system can be replaced in the event of failure or damage, provides two-touch capability, middle mouse-key scrolling and object size recognition. Diagnostic utilities are also available. VarTech’s optical imaging touch solutions do not require special software drivers; they incorporate HID compliant USB plug-and-play interfaces.

Available for VarTech’s 32″, 42″, 55″ 1080p LCDs

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