Infrared Touchscreens

Infrared Touchscreens have proven reliable touchscreen technology

Over the years, Infrared bezels have proven to be a very reliable technology for use in ATMs, Food Service and Preparation, KIOSK, Medical Instrumentation, Process Control Systems and Transportation Tracking applications.

Infrared touchscreen technology is based on “legacy” technology and is becoming increasingly replaced by Resistive or Capacitive touch systems. It does not incorporate any sort of “overlay” that could inhibit screen clarity or brightness, but instead, uses a special bezel of LEDs (light emitting diodes) along with diametrically opposing phototransistor detectors, which surround the glass of the display surface. The controller circuitry scans the screen with an invisible lattice of infra-red light beams just in front of the surface that directs a sequence of pulses to the LED’s. It then detects information at the location where the LEDs have become interrupted by a stylus or finger. The infrared frame housing the transmitters can impose design constraints on operator interface products. A few limitations are (1) that they usually require low-resolution output of the monitor, (2) can produce activation without touching the screen and (3) the cost to produce the special Infrared bezel is quite high.

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