Hazardous Area Workstations Purge Protected for Div 1 and 2

Fully Sealed purge protected HMI Hazardous Area Workstations for use in hazardous area Division 1 and Division 2 environments.

Fully Sealed purge protected hazardous area workstations configured for safe HMI operations and operator interface applications are Div 1 and Div 2 environments.

These hazardous area workstations are purge protected and can be configured to allow safe HMI operations in Division 1 or Division 2 hazardous areas. The purge system protects energized components inside the sealed workstation enclosure from the accumulation of flammable gases or dust, and explosive elements in the atmosphere. This is achieved by monitoring and regulating pressurized air or inert gas within the system. This process reduces the classification within the purge protected enclosure from Division 1 (or Division 2) to non-hazardous. VarTech’s purge protected monitors and computers are available with Type X or Type Z purge systems which can be configured for safe operation in various hazardous area locations.RoHS Compliant

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Hazardous Area Workstations
Purge protected hazardous area workstations: shown L-R: recessed, ergonomic, and panel enclosure (Type Z purge system shown in render)

Standard Features:

  • Three mechanical designs: ergonomic, recessed, and panel enclosure
  • Two purge types: Type X – suitable for Class I & Class II, Div 1/Zone 1 or Type Z – suitable for Class I, Div 2/Zone 2
  • I/O connection Type: CID1 conduit hub is required. CID2 conduit hub or optional sealed Roxtec glands with captive cables
  • Display colors: 16.7 M
  • Power input: 12 VDC, 9-36 VDC or 90-264 VAC internal power supply
  • Optical bonding (VBOND): laminated cover glass, protective overlay, or touchscreen to the front surface of the LCD. Used for reduced solar reflectivity, and shock and vibration protection.
  • Wide operational temperature: -20° C to 60° C (14° F to +140° F)
  • Humidity: operational – 0 to 90% RH NC, storage – 0 to 95% RH NC
  • Mounting options: pedestal, mounting tabs, and swing arm/swivel
  • 2-year warranty

These industrial hazardous area workstations are available with 3 enclosure designs and many standard feature options including Type X or Type Z purge systems, powerful embedded computers, sunlight readable displays, and sealed keyboards.

Enclosure designs:

Ergonomic workstation

HTE: Hazardous Ergonomic Workstation

The purge protected ergonomic workstation has a friendly operator interface design and several hazardous area keyboard options. This LCD workstation is an ideal solution for process control and monitoring of industrial operations within modern refineries and manufacturing complexes containing flammable gases and ignitable dust, or such hazardous area deemed Division 1 or Division 2.

Panel Enclosure workstation

HTP: Hazardous Panel Enclosure Workstation

The purge protected panel enclosure workstation has a simple and robust design for use in touchscreen operator interface applications. This LCD workstation is an ideal solution for process control and monitoring of industrial operations. Locations for such industrial operations include modern oil refineries, chemical processing plants, power generating plants, and hazardous area work environments deemed Division 1 or Division 2.

Recessed workstation

HTR: Hazardous Recessed Workstation

The purge protected recessed workstation has a friendly operator interface design and several rugged inset hazardous area keyboard options to best suit your application and environment. The LCD workstation design is an ideal solution for process visualization and control in the pharmaceutical industry where API manufacturing and drug formulation require Division 1 or Division 2 purge protected HMI.