DiamondVue Series: Rugged LCD Monitors & Panel PCs

Rugged LCD Monitors and Panel PCs Built for Harsh Industrial and Commercial Applications

Rugged LCD monitors and panel PCs built for harsh use in industrial, commercial, and military applications.

VarTech’s rugged LCD monitors and panel PCs are hardened and built tough for use in harsh environments throughout industrial, commercial and military applications. Industrial grade standard features and options allow these rugged LCD displays and panel PCs to be used in many locations and conditions unsuitable for consumer grade displays and computer products. VarTech DiamondVue Series of rugged display products are available as standalone LCD monitors or all-in-one LCD panel PCs. Environmental and functional upgrade packages for our rugged monitors or industrial panel PCs are available to meet virtually any application.

These rugged displays and panel PCs are designed for HMI visualization and operator interface applications in manufacturing and production, military command and control, marine shipboard controls, and railway rolling stock transportation.

Over 30 Years of Rugged LCD Monitor and Panel PC Manufacturing!

Standard Available Features and Options at a Glance

  • 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios
  • Corrosion Resistant 316-Stainless Steel or Black Powder-Coat Aluminum Construction
  • NEMA 4/4X IP65/66 Protection (not available on all mechanical designs)
  • Mounting Configurations: Panel Mount, VESA/Wall Mount, Rack Mount, Console Mount/Console Mount Extreme and Chassis Mount/Open-Frame
  • Touchscreens: Resistive, Capacitive, Projective Capacitive (Multi-Touch PCAP)
  • Sunlight Readable High Bright Screens
  • Optical Bonding of the front cover glass or touchscreen to the LCD to reduce light reflection and increase ruggedness (VBOND)
  • Solid-State, Fanless Designs
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance
  • EMI Protection
  • Wide Operational and Storage Temperatures
  • Industrial Grade Embedded Computers
  • Wide Selection of Motherboards and Processors
  • Hazardous Area Class I Division 2 Certified Models (Panel Mount Only)
  • AC and DC Power Supplies
  • Revision Controlled Components

VarTech Environmental and Functional Upgrade Packages

  • High Luminance LED Backlights
  • Proprietary Film Stack
  • Optical Bonding (VBOND)
  • Anti-Reflective Coatings
  • Advanced Wide Range Dimming Ratio – From 100% to True Black
  • Brightness Levels ranging from 700 nits to 1500 nits (depending on screen size)

Series Availability: All

  • Vibration Resistant Low-Profile Video Controller board or Motherboard
  • Low Profile cable assemblies/connections
  • Potted components where applicable
  • Vibration Dampening Standoffs for affixing Circuit Boards to milled enclosure
  • Optical Bonding of Protective Window or Touch screen to LCD
  • MIL-STD 38999 I/O Connectors (not available on hazardous area models)

Series Availability: All-Weather, ToughStation, DiamondVue

* Designed to meet by using best industry standards: tolerances specified by select subcategories of MIL-STD 810F and/or DEFSTAN 00-35 inclusive of Part 3 Issue 4

  • Integrated Heater and Thermostat
  • Heat Reflective White Powder-Coat
  • Uninterrupted Wide Temperature Dual PSU System
  • Wide Temperature LCD Panel
  • Harsh Duty Video Controller Board or Motherboard/SSD/RAM

Series Availability: All-Weather, ToughStation, DiamondVue

  • Integrated 8 Ohm ITO/100 OPI Stainless Steel Mesh Protective Window or Touch Screen equipped with Conductive U Busbar
  • Chromated Metal and EMI Copper Conductive Tape to assure conductivity of ITO/Busbar and Enclosure
  • Enhanced EMI Conductive Gaskets for MIL-STD 461 protection while maintaining seal up to IP67

Series Availability: All-Weather, ToughStation, DiamondVue

* This package is typically coupled with a flush or panel mount design

  • NVIS MIL-STD-3009 Class B Green (Night Mode)
  • 4nit brightness (Night Mode)
  • Toggle between Day/Night Mode via one touch tactile button
  • Backlight Kill Switch
  • * ITAR Restrictions Apply

Series Availability: All-Weather, ToughStation, DiamondVue

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