Mounting Arms & Pedestals

Industrial Monitor Pedestals and Mounting Arms

VarTech’s Rugged Industrial Monitor Mounting Arms and Wall Mounts

VarTech Systems lcd monitor mounting arms, instantly lift, swing, tilt and rotate for optimum positioning.

These lcd wall mount, pole mount and desktop mount arms and pivots feature 3 point hitch mounting arms—most are VESA compliant.

LCD Radial Mounting Arms


Short-reach radial arm with fixed 45° forearm (17.5″)


Short-reach radial arm (18″)


Flat panel radial arm with fixed 45° forearm (20.4″)


Industrial display radial mounting arm

Articulating Mounting Arms


Long-reach flat panel LCD mount


Extreme Heavy Duty Industrial LCD Arm Mount

LCD Wall Mounts


Picture-frame LCD wall mount – economical


Wallmount for 32″ Fully-Sealed Displays – Adjustable Tilt Download Mechanical Drawing

VarTech’s Rugged Industrial Monitor Pedestals

VarTech’s pedestal mounts provide a solid and secure mounting solution (when installed correctly) for our rugged and industrial grade LCD computer workstations, fully-enclosed LCD/Computers, and LCD monitor displays.

Adjustable Tilt Pedestal


57.0″ standard height for tilt pedestals

39.0″ Pedestal

39' Pedestal Mount

39.0″ Tall, Stainless Steel

51.0″ Pedestal

59' Pedestal Mount

51.0″ Tall, Stainless Steel

These stainless steel pedestal mounts are available in 39″ and 51″ heights (57″ standard height for tilt pedestals) with custom heights available to meet exact requirements. Standard custom options like keyboard trays, scanner trays, adjustable tilt-mounts, and sealed stainless steel pass through glands make our pedestal mounts an all-in-one rugged display or LCD computer solution.

General Features

  • 316-Stainless Steel Construction
  • 39″ and 51.0″ Standard Heights (custom heights available)
  • Available Surface Finishes: No-Grain Finish, Polished Finish, Black Powder-Coat Finish, Custom Powder-Coat/Paint Finishes
  • Hollow Center for Wiring
  • Compatible with most VarTech Industrial Workstation Computers and Fully-Enclosed LCD PCs or Displays
  • Simple, Smooth Design for Easy Cleaning
  • Pedestal’s Post Base Plate Mounts Securely to Your Plant Floor to Ensure Sturdiness and Stability
  • Rigid (no-tilt) or Adjustable Tilt-Mount Pedestal Designs
  • Available with Fully-Sealed Connection Management Portal within Pedestal Base, Integrated with IP68 Connectors
  • Available with Keyboard Mounting Tray or Reader/Scanner Mount
  • Part Number Configuration Table – Pedestal Mounts

Part Number Configuration Table – Pedestal Mounts