VT3545 Folding Ergonomic Industrial Display Mounting Arm

The VT3545 mounting arm provides a compact, space-saving design that allows you to reclaim your desktop, and work in greater ergonomic comfort.

Comparable to VT3500, the VT3545 mounting arm offers a fixed 45-degree forearm. Together with providing additional vertical reach, this mount has 3 360 degree arm joints and over 200 degrees of tilt. Therefore allowing you to quickly fold the monitor back and out of the way when not in use.


  • Includes 6 mounting options.
  • 9 1/2″ of vertical range
  • 17.5″ of horizontal range
  • Folds up to occupy just 3” of space
  • Rotates 360 degrees at three joints
  • Monitor tilter mechanism can tilt over 200 degrees
  • VESA-monitor compatible – 75mm & 100mm VESA adapters included. Please call for non-VESA options

Weight & Measurement:

Model NumberWeight Range
VT3545-2501.5 – 14.5 lbs
VT3545-4504 – 25.5 lbs
VT3545-6007.5 – 28 lbs