Industrial Display Products

VarTech’s industrial display products are built for operation in harsh work environments throughout various industrial HMI applications.

With over 30 years of experience building industrial grade display products, our various models incorporate our dedication to designing rugged monitor solutions for harsh environments.

Our three main LCD panel display lines include:

DiamondVue industrial monitors with available screen sizes from 6.5” to 43”.

All-Weather IP67 protected outdoor displays with sizes from 8.4” to 21.5”.

ToughStation fully sealed monitors for dust and washdown environments in 10.4” to 43” sizes.

If you need a computer for a hazardous environment, we have C1D2 certified DiamondVue and ToughStation models available.

We also offer HMI workstations in various enclosure configurations. These are also available as purge protected models.

Industrial Display Products
VarTech Industrial Display Products

Our Industrial Grade Display Products:

Functional and Environmental Upgrades:

Display Products

Sunlight Readable

High nit count high-bright screens are available for most sizes.

Display Products


Various touch screen technologies are available for all sizes.

Display Products

Optical Bonding

Our VBond optical bonding process is available on all products.

Display Products


Type Z and X purge types are available for our workstations and specific panel sizes.

Display Products


We offer front surface and all-surface EMI protection on specific products.

Computer Upgrade Packages Focused on Your Application

VarTech’s Environmental Functional Upgrade Packages allow for custom COTS solutions using standard feature sets.

Display Products