Capacitive Touch Screens work great with Kiosk Displays

Capacitive touch screen technology is recommended for use within KIOSK applications that require a “finger touch”. It will not operate with either a gloved hand or with a mechanical stylus. It is made of glass, which makes it extremely durable and scratch resistant. This glass overlay has a coating that stores the charge deposited over its surface electrically. Capacitive touchscreens operate using oscillator circuits that are located in each corner of the glass overlay and measure the capacitance of the area being “touched”. Depending on where the person touches the overlay, the oscillators will vary in frequency. Then a touchscreen controller measures the frequency variations to ascertain the coordinates of the person’s touch. When used with flat panel displays, capacitive offers drift-free stable performance that is not susceptible to deterioration over time. A capacitive touch screen is impervious to grease, dirt and water, which makes it ideal for frequent use. It can also be gasket sealed for NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X operation. Since a capacitive touchscreen is made of glass, it is susceptible to breakage.