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How do Sunlight Readable Screens Work? Engineers’ Answers

Have you noticed that your phone screen will raise its brightness to the maximum level when outside on a sunny day?  

Why do so many screens struggle in bright lighting? 

An LCD’s sunlight readability capability is determined by the difference between display brightness, measured in a unit known as nits, and its ability to reflect ambient light. Harsh sunlight can make the screen difficult to read, and the ability to view the displayed image decreases further if the display is a touchscreen. 

VarTech Systems, Inc.’s sunlight-readable display technology is designed to operate in direct sunlight and bright lighting conditions.  

Our screens function in direct sunlight through active and passive enhancement technology. Our enhancement technologies attain a brilliant, accurate high-brightness display with limited thermal output or energy consumption increase; this means the device will not get as hot as others when the screen is at a high brightness level. 

VBOND Optical Bonding Technology 

Unlike many manufacturers that offer sunlight readability features through after-market modifications to a monitor’s LEDs, VarTech’s LCD panels are purpose-built and manufactured with high-bright LEDs and tested for nit accuracy by a third party. These high-bright LEDs, partnered with VBOND optical bonding technology and specialized light-reflective films, allow VarTech Systems’ sunlight-readable monitors to reach brightness levels from 700 to 1800 nits without washout or glare. Our high-bright sunlight readable displays range from 8.4 to 43 inches in screen size. 

Our VBOND optical bonding process allows for a zero optical defect production and prevents the yellowing of materials. Optical bonding also yields myriad benefits, such as averting LCD damage caused by UV exposure and reducing the risk of glass splintering. It can also prevent interior condensation, fogging, and contamination of the glass. 

The Durability of High-Bright Displays 

In addition to providing superior sunlight readability, VarTech’s high-bright technology further enhances our LCD monitors and computers with increased shock and vibration protection, wider thermal ranges, increased visual clarity and readability, lower EMI (electromagnetic interference) emissions, and increased lifespan of the LCD panel.  

Visit our Sunlight Readable Solutions page to learn more about VarTech’s capabilities.