Anti-Glare Resistive Touch Screens for Industrial CRT and Flat Panel LCD Display Systems

Resistive touch screen technology is recommended for use in POS (Point of Sale): Grocery Stores, Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Stores; Industrial Applications: MMI (Man Machine Interface), Machine and Process Control; Portable Devices; Personal Information Management Systems; Transportation Solutions; Medical Solutions: Equipment, Instrumentation and Patient Monitoring Systems. Resistive technology generally uses a display overlay composed of layers, each with a conductive coating on the interior surface. Special separator “dots” are distributed evenly across the active area and separate the conductive interior layers. The pressure from using either a mechanical stylus or finger produces an internal electrical contact at the “action point” which supplies the controller with vertical and horizontal analog voltages for data input. To reduce parallax for older “curved” CRT applications only, resistive touchscreens are generally spherical to match the curvature of the CRT (true flat resistive touch overlays are also available for TFT flat panels and/or CRTs). Our resistive touchscreens are anti-glare to reduce reflective shine intensity, which will slightly diffuse the light output throughout the screen. Resistive technology offers tremendous versatility in that activation can be initiated by; a gloved hand, fingernail, mechanical stylus or an ungloved finger. Resistive touch screens can be gasket sealed for NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X environments. Limitations include: Low light output, diffused resolution images and the a plastic surface material can be scratched if improperly touched. VarTech offers a variety of resistive touch screen displays many are available with an optional sunlight readable touch screen.