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Rugged Thin Clients

VarTech offers a wide variety of ACP enabled thin clients as part of our rugged workstation and computer family product lines. The sustainable and scalable ThinManager Ready platform enables centralized management, enhanced security, and reduced support requirements for VarTech's hardened thin client devices in industrial, factory floor, plant operational, and hazardous area locations.

Our thin client products are designed to meet the demands of these, and various other challenging environments. Built with industrial grade components, our thin clients offer a wide variety of connectivity options, and are designed for continuous use in demanding applications. Special fully sealed solutions, low temperature, and variable power input capabilities solve a diverse list of specialized requirements.

Thin Client Capable Products Available from VarTech:

All-Weather/All-Terrain LCD Computers

Ultra Rugged IP67 Rated, Waterproof, Sunlight Readable

Available sizes - 10.4", 12.1", 15.0", 15.0" Military Grade

Fully-Enclosed Hazardous Area LCD Computers

Class 1 Division 2 Certified Fully Sealed

Available sizes - 10.4", 15.0", 17.0", 19.0"

Panel Mount Hazardous Area LCD Computers

Class 1 Division 2 Certified Panel Mount

Available sizes - 10.4", 15.0", 17.0", 19.0"

Fully-Enclosed Hazardous Area Purge Workstations

Type X Purge for Class I & Class II, Div 1/Zone 1 or Type Z Purge - for Class I, Div 2/Zone 2

Available sizes - 15", 17", 19", 21.5", 24", 32"

Fully-Enclosed/Gasket Sealed LCD Displays and IPCs

NEMA 4 Black Powder-Coat Aluminum and NEMA 4X Rated 316-Stainless Steel

Available sizes - 10.4", 12.1" Wide, 15.0", 17.0", 19.0", 21.5", 24.0", 32"

NEMA 4X Workstations

Fully-Enclosed, Gasket Sealed 316-Stainless Steel Construction

Available sizes - 15.0", 17.0", 19.0", & 21.5" Widescreen Format

LCD Panel PC Computers

NEMA 4 Black Powder-Coat Aluminum & NEMA 4X 316-Stainless Steel Bezels

Available sizes - 10.4", 15.0", 17.0", 17.3" Widescreen, 19.0", 21.5" & 24.0" Widescreen

Rack Mount LCD Computers

7U, 8U & 9U Mounting Heights, 19" Rack Mounting Provisions

Available sizes - 17", 17.3" Widescreen, 19.0", 20.1"

Wall Mount LCD Computers

Industrial Grade with Standard VESA Mounting Pattern

Available sizes - 15.0", 19.0" and Wide Format 24"

Small Form Factor Industrial Computers

Rugged Standalone SFF IPCs

SuperCube 2

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