Rugged Marine Monitor Displays and Military LCD Flat Panels for demanding workstations

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VarTech's marine computer monitors and pilothouse LCD displays meet the demands of IEC 60945 needed to withstand the harsh maritime environment as well as military or avionics applications requiring low EMI or long-term vibration resilience.

Marine Grade Rugged LCDs Product Gallery:

• All-Weather IP67 Marine / Military LCDs (Sizes 8.4" to 15")
All Weather, All Terrain Series

8.4" to 15.0"
RAM, VESA and Panel Mount Displays

View the All-Weather, All-Terrain Series HERE.

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• VESA Mount Marine LCDs (Sizes 19" to 23.1")
VESA Mount Marine LCDs

19.0" | 21.3" | 23.1"
These units have been discontinued. Click on a size above for additional information.

• Rack Mount Marine LCDs (Sizes 17" to 23.1")

VarTech Systems manufactures a line of highly engineered Rugged Marine Grade LCD Displays for the most severe environments. VarTech incorporates many features unique to the marine marketplace and marine computers: ECDIS, Radar, Remote Control, Video Buffer (Multi-Drop) and Auxiliary Power Relay Output. Our PowerVue monitors offer continuity by design for all Navigation and Ship Automation applications. These units are suitable for a wide variety of military and commercial shipping or avionics applications where low EMI and long-term vibration resilience are essential criteria. Our PowerVue series is engineered to meet application needs of your marine monitor display and LCD flat panels.

Our state-of-the-art PowerVue series monitors have been specifically designed to withstand the harsh maritime environment and to meet the stringent demands of IEC 60945, the international standard for Maritime Navigation and Radio Communications Equipment & Systems. Many of our monitors meet NEMA 4/4X IP65/66. Furthermore within our range we offer monitors having ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information System) and ARPA(Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) compliance.

VarTech Systems supports a range of Marine LCD flat panel monitors specifically designed to withstand the maritime environment and suitable for bridge control display, navigation, monitoring & Surveillance, and Ship Automation. Our rugged Marine flat panel displays comply with anti-shock, anti-vibration, and can be customized to include options such as integrated touch screens. Each model is manufactured under strict ISO quality standards. Our LCD flat panel displays are engineered for use throughout the Marine industry. VarTech’s specially configured optional Sunlight Readable maritime LCD displays remain clear and bright with vibrant colors even in the strongest sunlight.

VarTech’s Marine grade LCD Display technology is the best choice for open cockpits, fly bridges and bright pilothouses.

    Other features available within the Marine LCD Monitor range include:
  • Display size range from 8.4” through 21.3”
  • Can be configured with touchscreen technology, sunlight readability, a multitude of video and computer inputs, plus much more.
  • Deep dimming down to true black
  • Optical Bonding (VBOND)

Mounting Options
We also provide a range of mounting options: LCD rack mount monitors, LCD panel mount monitors, LCD chassis monitors, LCD head mount displays and All-Weather displays.

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