Mil-Spec and Mil STD Compliant Military Grade Displays and LCD/Computers.

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Military/Marine Grade All-Weather/All-Terrain
LCD Computers

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Phantom Series
COTS Military LCD Displays

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DiamondVue Xtreme Series
Rugged LCD Displays

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Military Grade COTS Ultra Rugged LCD Displays and LCD/Computers

Designed for durability, reliability, and optimal performance in extreme environments, VarTech's COTS military grade LCD monitors and computers are ideal for mission critical applications. Features include a wide range of operating temperature capabilities, IP ratings, waterproof and dust proof enclosures, and a choice of touch screens. Optional optically bonded front glass overlays provide additional durability and contrast for at-a-glance readability. This feature-rich series offers options for specific applications; including airborne, ground mobile, and ship board (submarine and surface warship).

Performance and reliability come first for our military’s computer and display technology worldwide.

When the application is absolutely critical, VarTech’s rugged and reliable COTS LCD displays and computers are at the front line performing in the most demanding environments and providing support to the U.S. military and many of its allies.

At all stages of the production process, VarTech’s display and computer solutions are rigorously tested to ensure compliance for application usage in hostile environments. These products are engineered to operate in extreme conditions, and are built with lightweight, power efficient, durable components and materials. This feature rich product line offers options for specific applications; including ground mobile, airborne, and ship board (submarine and surface warship). In addition, our highly qualified engineering staff is flexible in adapting our products to your custom military, maritime and avionic LCD and industrial computer needs.

VarTech’s military grade displays and all-in-one computers have extremely rugged LCD panels for the highly demanding environments of the utility vehicles, helicopters, ground army vehicles and virtually all military vetronics. This aids in providing superior solutions for battlefield management, fire control, driver’s vision enhancer (DVE), reconnaissance or local situational awareness inside today’s rugged vehicles. These advanced systems offer the latest proven technologies and can even be incorporated with sunlight readability features, or made NVIS compatible.

Military Grade Solutions for Every Scenario:

• LCD's and Rugged PC's
• Mobile/Vehicle Displays and Computers
• Standard Displays/IPCs
• Sunlight Readable Displays and LCD PCs
• Fully-Sealed IP67 LCD/Computers
• Rugged Touch Screens
• Panel Mount Computers and LCD Displays
• Rack Mount Displays and Computers

VarTech can engineer our display and computer products with “design to meet” requirements to fit any MIL-SPEC/MIL-STD on land, at sea or in the air.

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