V-Bond Technology has the ability to transform an industrial lcd into a sunlight readable monitor.

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LCD Optical Bonding (VBOND) & LED Enhanced Technology

VBOND & LED Enhanced Technology
Vartechís proprietary film stack and optical bonding (VBOND) are optimized to reduce noticeable light reflection, making the display appear brighter in high ambient light environments and direct sunlight. The increase in relative illumination paired with a high-bright LED enhanced display makes for a very readable display in high ambient light environments. At Vartech we offer both traditional Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CFFL) LCD panels and enhanced LCDs that feature high-bright Light Emitting Diode (LED) rails. LED enhanced panels are the brightest; brightness and/or luminance is measured by the SI unit, nit, which is equal to the SI unit for luminous intensity, candela, divided by area n=cd/m^2.

How are Vartechís film stacks and optical bonding optimized for sunlight readable displays?
When light travels through a constant medium it maintains many stable characteristics. However, when light transitions from one medium to another it will either reflect, refract, or experience total internal reflection. When transitioning from one medium to another, the velocity of light changes while frequency remains constant, thus wavelength must change to preserve the fundamental wave equation (w=v/f). This subsequent change in wavelength is responsible for how much light is reflected or refracted through the glass then reflected towards the user of the display. By using filters and materials with known indexes of refraction, we can control the behavior of light that would otherwise interfere with the userís experience.

The image below is representative of the reflection loss experienced by an LCD without an optical bond layer between the LCD enhancement and an AR coating on the display glass of the LCD.

LCD with No Optical Bonding

This Image is representative of the greatly IMPROVED reflection loss experienced when an optical bond is applied between the face of the LCD and the LCD Enhancement.

LCD with Optical Bonding

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