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CrystalVue Series - True Sunlight Readable Technology - Displays, Video Monitors, LCD/Computers, Panel PCs, & All-In-One Workstations

These ultra high bright sunlight readable computer monitor displays, and all-in-one LCD/Computers are designed for use in indoor/outdoor applications where direct sunlight and high ambient light conditions are present. VarTech’s CrystalVue Series outperform non-high bright commercial grade LCD products that washout in direct sunlight or high ambient light conditions by using several different enhancements for increasing brightness and reducing light reflection. Industrial grade enhanced LED backlights provide increased luminance without increasing heat, while our proprietary Enhanced Light Transmission Technology (ELTT) allows for exceptional clarity and wide viewing angles. VBOND optical bonding provides a UV protected solid transparent bond between the LCD and the frontal face of the display which further eliminates reflection while increasing overall ruggedness of the display.

These light enhancements along with VarTech’s quality construction and variety of rugged mechanical designs make our CrystalVue Series of industrial grade LCD products a superior sunlight readable solution for environments that require clarity, intensity, brilliance, and the reliable performance your application requires.

When it comes to high bright high performance LCD products, don't be fooled by re-branded products claiming sunlight readability. TRUST in the brand that has been at the front of TRUE SUNLIGHT READABLE TECHNOLOGY for over 30 years.

Panel Mount, Fully-Enclosed Gasket Sealed, Rack Mount, Open Frame/Chassis Mount, Table Top/Workbench/Desktop, Touch Screens, NEMA 4 (IP65) Black Powder-Coat Aluminum & 316-Stainless NEMA 4X (IP66) protection, standard and wide format screen sizes - 8.4" to 32"

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Panel PCs, Fully-Enclosed
LCD/Computers, Rack Mount
PCs, Workstations designs are available 8.4" to 19.0" standard format sizes and 12.1" to 32.0" wide format sizes.

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To learn more about VarTech’s active and passive enhancement technology:

LED enhancement technology

CCFL information

VBOND Optical Bonding information

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