Sunlight readable LCD displays from VarTech Systems Inc. Viewable in direct sunlight and other high bright light conditions.

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Actively Enhanced with
LED or CCFL Backlighting | Standard or Optional Passively Enhanced Optical Bonding. VarTech's sunlight readable displays offer a wide variety of mechanical designs, and environmental protections.
Wide Format Models Available

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Actively Enhanced with
LED or CCFL Backlighting |
Passively Enhanced Optical Bonding. Sunlight Readable Industrial Grade
LCD Computers, Panel PCs and Workstations.
Wide Format Models Available

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CrystalVue Sunlight Readable Overview...
VarTech's industrial grade sunlight readable displays and LCD computers are ideal for use in direct sunlight and high ambient light conditions, and will give you the intensity and brilliance your application requires.

With brightness levels available from 700 nits (cd/m2) to 1500 nits (CD/M2) , our sunlight readable LCD products outperform commercially available non-enhanced LCD and after-market enhanced products that washout in high light conditions.

VarTech uses LED and CCFL backlighting to achieve brightness, and while both achieve excellent image clarity, LED backlights offer a vivid, bright LCD display with low power consumption and without increased heat usually associated with higher wattage CCFL backlights.

VarTech's optional optical bonding (VBOND) provides an additional degree of clarity by improving sunlight readability, enhancing display performance in high and low temperatures, and enhancing contrast. Additionally, VBOND increases impact resistance, and provides shock and vibration protection.

VarTech’s Sunlight Readable Products:

High Bright Sunlight Readable LCDs

High Bright Sunlight Readable LCD Computers and Workstations

Large Screen VBOND Passively Enhanced Sunlight Readable LCDs

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To learn more about VarTech’s active and passive enhancement technology:

LED enhancement technology

CCFL information

VBOND Optical Bonding information

Contact Sunlight Readable Specialist Today for information on our complete line of high bright lcd monitors, all-in-one computers, and fully enclosed workstations

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